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Box Culverts    
Reinforced Concrete MEGA Box Culvert
Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert
Reinforced Concrete 3-sided Box
Manholes and Inlets    
Typical 48" or 54" Diameter Manhole
Typical 60" or 72" Diameter Manhole
Microtunneling Pipe (Jacking)    
Jacking Pipe Joint Types
Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipe 24"-144" Diameter
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe    
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe-ORing Joint 12"-36" Diameter
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Single Off-Set Joint 12"-30" Diameter
Non-Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Tongue & Groove Joint 12"-36" Diameter
Stormwater Treatment    
Stormceptor® Overview
STC450i Stormceptor®
STC900 Stormceptor®
STC1200 Stormceptor®
STC1800 Stormceptor®
STC2400 Stormceptor®
STC3600 Stormceptor®
STC4800 Stormceptor®
STC6000 Stormceptor®
STC7200 Stormceptor®
STC11000s Stormceptor®
STC13000s Stormceptor®
STC16000s Stormceptor®
Plan View (STC11000s, STC13000s, STC16000s)
Stormceptor® Disc - Disc Type Insert Detail
Stormceptor® Submerged Disc Detail
Reinforced Concrete Pipe    
Concrete Arch Pipe 15"-72" Equivalent Diameter
Concrete Elliptical Pipe 18"-144" Equivalent Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe-ORing Joint 12"-96" Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe with PVC Liner
Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Single Off-Set Joint 12"-72" Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe w/Steel Ring Joint 30"-96" Diameter
Reinforced Concrete Pipe-Tongue & Groove Joint 12"-96" Diameter
Specialty Fittings and Accessories    
Reinforced Concrete Wye
Reinforced Concrete Tee Outlet
Reinforced Concrete Eccentric Reducer
Flared End Section 12"-72" Diameter Pipe
Reinforced Concrete Sloped End Sections
Reinforced Concrete Eccentric Manhole Tee
Reinforced Concrete Two & Three Piece Elbow Fabrication Details